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Gangstar Vegas: Overview Kizi Game

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At the time of this writing, the coveted GTA 5 has safely and permanently settled on the hard drives of consoles, so familiarity with Gangstar Vegas should now take place in a very lazy mode. But if you still have not got one of the two consoles of the outgoing generation, then you can familiarize yourself with the next mobile GTA similarity. But first, please read this material - all of a sudden it will tell you whether it is worth killing time for such “casual acquaintances”, when portable Vice City has long been listed among the favorites on the website

Let's say right away that we will no longer make comparisons with the Rockstar brainchild. Because it is, in truth, incorrect. Better try to look at Gangstar Vegas as a self-sufficient project. If possible. So, from the very beginning we were very embarrassed by the presence of dubstep by Skrillex. Let this musical genre, formed at the dawn of the 2000s, bears in itself a lot of coolness, freshness and drive, but, the right word, he got incredibly.

And then - the graphics. We understand that we are dealing with a Kizi game for a mobile platform. That it is extremely difficult to build a world full of dangers, pedestrians, cars and other such things on it. But the same portable Vice Cityit feels much fresher, but it was originally designed for “iron” much more primitive. In general, having understood the main sources of our indignation, it's time to evaluate the work of Kizi game designers, script writers and other developers who are responsible for the quality of the content. Fortunately, there were less grievous moments.

Gangstar Vegas is somewhat similar in concept to Sleeping Dogs.. Compact city, not so many cars. The image of the hero is registered very surprisingly well. The plot of the plot to the disgrace of the classic: he had to lose the battle, but accidentally knocked out his opponent is not the most powerful hook. Then there are long runs, joining the Big Momma camp, chatting with whores (chat, yes) and numerous missions. Standard but cute. Oh yeah, in a Kizi game of monstrous control. At first, of course, we were pleasantly surprised that our hero is able to deftly climb over the obstacle when approaching an obstacle, but during any walking chase this is fraught with the burning of precious nerve cells. Because the protagonist does not want to run, but to engage in inappropriate parkour.

Any music here presented at an acceptable level. There are several radio stations. Scroll through, listen to the songs of the genres you like, occasionally pay attention to the comments of journalists about our latest adventures. Well, in the style of “some kind of scorcher, fleeing from the police yesterday, he struck a dozen fences, crippled a good half of the city and was like that”.

If you love Grand Theft Auto , and you never had an Xbox 360 or PS3, but you have a tablet, then buy Gangstar Vegas . She, like an easy remedy for itching, will slightly ease the expectation of your favorite Kizi game on the PC.

Pros: interesting missions; good soundtrack; memorable city; Donata is not at all.
Cons: dubstep in the main menu; technologically the Kizi game is not impressive even once.

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