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Tips for the introduction of complementary foods

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Become a member At first, at first, it is likely that the child will refuse or ask for milk when we barely gave him a full mouth, but this is normal, and over time it will pass, and the situation will change to the opposite, since the child himself will stop drinking milk to turn on More and more diversity and amount of solid products.
Let the child orientate not only how much he wants to eat, but also in what he wants to try, because, although it is necessary to continue to offer porridge, children can ask for hard food, for example, pieces of bread, broccoli, fruits and other foods, Which parents can offer large sizes so that they can keep them and suck or crumble. Such additional nutrition under the guidance of the child is called excommunication from the chest, and you can put it in practice, even if partially, so that the kids can feel new textures and tastes with their hands and mouth.
Do not force them to eat or forcibly send food in the mouth, as this will only cause even greater stress and negative experiences associated with food. Therefore, it is better to allow the child to decide whether he wants to eat, since coercion will not help, but can change the natural regulation of the amount of food.
It is not recommended to add salt or sugar to baby nutrition, since the tastes for babies are new and intense, and fruits will be sweet for them, as well as salty vegetables due to natural sugar and sodium contained in them, respectively.
If possible, babies should be included in the family table and cook food suitable for everyone, especially after nine months of age, when they can take small pasta, rice and finely chopped vegetables or thicker food, for example, mashed potatoes. But joint sitting at the family table, even if they do not eat the same food, allows kids to learn how to learn how to keep food, chew, swallow and even start getting to know the use of dishes.
Cleanliness will not be the best, and do not worry, because when children start eating, and even more so when they begin to want to take food themselves, food is often scattered on the table. However, this is part of the training, and although it is inevitable to indicate what is right and what is not, they will be confused.
It is always better to cook food at home, since baby food, porridge and other commercial products of baby food can contain a lot of salt and sugar.
Between and during eating, water should be offered, and not juices that can add unnecessary sugars and do not moisten properly so that the children receive a sufficient amount of liquid.
It is recommended not to prohibit products, but to delay the inclusion of sweets, sweets, commercial snacks and processed products in the diet as possible, since they do not differ in good quality and do not contribute to the formation of healthy habits. Your bond trading journey must start form here

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Selling lead - High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys
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Selling lead - Ni-resist cast iron Ni-resist cast iron
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2. Selling lead - Aluzinc coil from India Aluzinc coil from India No Trustpass
3. Selling lead -  chequered Plates from India. chequered Plates from India. No Trustpass
4. Selling lead - CRFH coils CRFH coils No Trustpass
5. Selling lead - CRCA coils from India CRCA coils from India No Trustpass
6. Buying lead - Round steel billets Round steel billets No Trustpass
7. Selling lead - Cement offer Cement offer No Trustpass
8. Selling lead - Sell of gold Sell of gold No Trustpass
9. Selling lead - IRON ORE IRON ORE No Trustpass
10. Buying lead - hms,plates sheets,ship building materials, hms,plates sheets,ship building materials, No Trustpass
11. Selling lead - Titanium Bars and Rods Titanium Bars and Rods No Trustpass
12. Buying lead - Hot rolled coil Hot rolled coil No Trustpass
13. Selling lead - Reinforcing Steel Bars Reinforcing Steel Bars No Trustpass
14. Buying lead - Ferro-silicon 45 Ferro-silicon 45 No Trustpass
15. Selling lead - Titanium tube Titanium tube No Trustpass
16. Selling lead - Cast steel check valves: swing disc Cast steel check valves: swing disc No Trustpass
17. Selling lead - Cast steel globe valves: plug disc Cast steel globe valves: plug disc No Trustpass
18. Selling lead - Cast steel gate valves: wedge disc Cast steel gate valves: wedge disc No Trustpass
19. Selling lead - Glacial acetic acid Glacial acetic acid No Trustpass
20. Selling lead - Rutile titanium dioxide Rutile titanium dioxide No Trustpass

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